Wood Carver Bio - Mitchell Cartledge

“I began carving around 1980.  I wanted to get a present for my sister and making something seemed better to me than buying it” Mitchell said.

Mitchell owes much of his continued interest and involvement in carving to Tom Wolfe.  Thankfully he lived close enough to Tom to have repeated interaction through classes and local club activities.  It was through that contact that his interest in caricature carving grew.   He has taken classes with a number of Caricature Carvers of America (“CCA”) members including Pete LeClair, Peter Ortel, Desiree Hajny, Gary Falin and Harold Enlow.

Mitchell was accepted into the CCA in 2009 and now serves as board member and treasurer.   Other memberships include the Charlotte Wood Carvers Club, the Catawba Valley Wood Carvers Club, and the Piedmont Wood Carvers Club. 

For Mitchell, carving has provided more than an outlet for his creativity.  It’s a way to relax and take some anxiety off of ‘real work’ activities.  Mitchell feels the biggest reward has been the friendships made with others that share his interest in the art of woodcarving. 

Mitchell resides in Morganton, NC with his wife Page.  He also works in the textile industry as a quality manager fulltime.

Mitchell started teaching on the Woodcarving Academy June 2022

Visit Mitch’s website:  http://www.mitchellcartledgewoodcarvings.com/default.htm

Mitch's current and future Videos

Sample Videos

Woodarving a small Caricature Head CaricaturesMitch CartledgeLink
Woodarving a Freestyle Hillbilly CaricatureCaricaturesMitch CartledgeLink ## Added Aug/2022 ##
Caricature Head
Freestyle Hillbilly