Our Story

The Wood Carving Academy was established 2020. Woodcarvers have always traveled to workshops to meet with other woodcarvers and learn from the great teachers that offered their time and knowledge. During the first few months of 2020 all activity was halted due to the great risk and health concerns of Covid19. 

After several month of putting the website together and working with some great teachers on workshop delivery over zoom, the Academy’s website went live at the beginning of 2021! 

The Wood Carving Academy now allows woodcarvers and those who would like to become woodcarvers to attend workshops from the comfort of their home using a personal computer a handheld device or even their phone.

We have started this website with the videos our woodcarving teachers had created in the past and have grown the website with content our teachers are creating through their workshop recordings and some new video offerings they provide. More content is added every month. 

You can visit the Teachers Bio Pages by clicking Here You can also see the list of videos we currently have by clicking Here

We are certain that in the future we will be able to meetup again and enjoy the face to face interaction that woodcarvers love so much and until then, enjoy the great lessons we have online and we hope you’ll Join Us

The Wood Carving Academy Teachers & Staff thanks you and Keep Carving!