Teacher Bio - Bob Hershey

When Bob’s father died in 1982 he took up his father’s woodcarving tools and started a hobby which has become his life’s passion.  A bachelor until the ripe old age of 49, Bob then met and married Debby, who is at once his staunchest supporter and harshest critic. After years as an owner operator, Bob drove truck for Air Products & Chemicals Inc. until he was 57.  He then retired and has since devoted his life to the art of sculpting wood.    He discovered an incredible love and talent for bringing life to his carvings.  Bob took dozens of classes with nationally acclaimed carvers, greatly improving and developing his skills.  In 2009 he started entering local and national competitions and surprised himself by amassing hundreds of ribbons.  Consistent wins at the International Woodcarvers Congress, Artistry in Wood at Dayton, and the CCA competition have been most rewarding.  Numerous Best of Show Awards, Peoples’ Choice Awards, and the CCA Merit Award are noteworthy.

In 2016 Bob received Second Best of Show with “Bunny Bash” and four category blue ribbons at the CCA’s National Caricature Carver’s Competition.  In 2017 he won Best of Show with Dam “Dental Duties” and four category firsts again.  In 2018 he was awarded Second Best of Show for “Santa’s Secret List.”  The pinnacle of Bob’s success as a caricature carver happened that fall when he was inducted into the Caricature Carvers of America.

Bob is a regular contributor to Woodcarving Illustrated.  He teaches classes, primarily animal caricatures.   Many clubs honor him by invitations to be their annual show’s featured carver and competition judge.  Bob is a very active member of the Lancaster County Woodcarvers Club and the Conewago Carvers.  He is diligent in his efforts to share and spread his love of the art.  But the best reward for all his work, as all caricature carvers know, is the smile his pieces bring to the faces of viewers.

Bob is now teaching on the Woodcarving Academy. 

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Woodcarving Fearless FreddieCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink
Painting Fearless FreddieCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink
Introductionto Oil PaintCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink
Woodcarving Redd the FoxCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink
Painting Redd the FoxCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink
Woodcarving Ronnie & RuthieCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink
Woodcarving LouisaMae Easter BunnyCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink ### Added Jan 2023 ##
Woodcarving Rudy the Santa RaccoonCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink ### New Added Sep 2023 ##
Woodcarving Fabulous PhoebeCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink ### New Added Jan 2024 ##

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