Wood Carver Bio - Janet Cordell

Janet Cordell

I cannot remember a time when woodcarving and art were not central factors in my life, or did not permeate every house I  lived in. I have always been heavily involved with woodcarving and have never worked in any other field than art. I grew up deep in the Boston Mountain Range of the Ozarks, as the second daughter of the Denton family of woodcarvers, not intending to be a woodcarver, or indeed an artist in any field.  In those days, I still thought there was a job description for raising horses.  However, as I grew up,  I began to understand the value and originality of woodcarving as an art form, and to appreciate the unique direction from which my family approached this form of sculpture.   I hope that my style clearly reflects my upbringing in the woods and close to nature, and combines it with a love of classical art.

I have been carving professionally for fifty three years, and have been teaching woodcarving and sculpture since 1986.  In 1994 I opened my own school of wood sculpture.  The Ozark Mountain School of Sculpture was housed in a log cabin on the family property in Crawford County, where the quiet, undisturbed atmosphere and close proximity to nature fostered creativity. It has now become the Denton Family School. Students at all levels of sculpture are welcome in the classes, and come from all over the states to learn here, but it is still centered in and housed on the family farm in Crawford County. 

Janet's current and future videos

Carving Realistic Female MouthRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink
Carving Realistic Female EyeRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink
Woodcarving a Woman’s Face Workshop RecordingRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink
Woodcarving an American Bison Workshop RecordingRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink
Woodcarving a Hitty Style Doll Workshop RecordingRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink
Woodcarving a Big Horn Sheep Workshop RecordingRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink ## Oct/Nov 2022 ##
Woodcarving a Grizzly Bear Workshop RecordingRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink ## Dec 2022/ Jan 2023 ##
Woodcarving a Female Bust Workshop RecordingRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink ## March/April 2023##
Woodcarving a Horse on Rocks Workshop RecordingRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink August 2023
Woodcarving a Full Figure FemaleRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink ## Nov/Dec 2023##
Woodcarving a Realistic WolfRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink ## New Feb 2024##
Carving an Old FaceRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink ## New May 2024##
Carving a female face in Cottonwood BarkRealistic Humans/ barkJanet CordellLink ## New March 2024##

Video Projects

Part One
Workshop Recordings Available Jan/Feb 2022