Wood Carver Bio - Rich Wetherbee

I started caving at a very early age, I’ve had a jackknife in my pocket since I can remember. My father was a very accomplished carver at the time so I learned most of the basics at a very young age. We became acquainted with the National Carvers Museum in Monument, Colorado in the mid 70’s and I really started to get hooked on woodcarving at that point. It was there that I met some of the more prominent carvers at that time like Steve Prescott, Harold Enlow, Chris Hammack, Dave Stetson, Claud Bolton and many others. I began doing art shows, displaying and selling my work throughout the U.S.. Around the mid 80’s I began Wetherbee Studio where we would reproduce my pieces in molds and sell them to tourist traps throughout the country. At about the same time I joined up with a group of guys that had this great idea of starting a organization to promote the art of caricature carving, the CCA… thanks Dave and Steve! 

I now reside in Colorado Springs,Co.,where I have been since 1959 (you’re doing the math aren’t you?). Mary Beth and I have traveled the U.S. teaching wood carving and sculpture and enjoying all the great people we meet and all the awesome places our country has to offer! Happy carving! …. Rich 

Contact info:
Rich Wetherbee

2410 Busch Ave Lot #7
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

(719) 388-3042



Rich's current and future Videos

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