List of Current and Future Videos 

Introduction to Caricature CarvingsCaricatureFloyd RhadiganLink
Woodcarving HandsCaricatureDave StetsonLink
Woodcarving Facial ExpressionsCaricatureDave StetsonLink
Carving a HeadCaricatureDave StetsonLink
Woodcarving And Painting the Little HombreCaricatureDave StetsonLink
Carving a Full FigureCaricatureDave StetsonLink
Woodcarving a Caricature CowboyCaricatureFloyd RhadiganLink
Painting the Caricature CowboyCaricatureFloyd RhadiganLink
Carving a Female FaceCaricaturePat MooreLink
Woodcarving a WrenWoodcarving BirdsDonna MenkeLink
Carving Realistic HummingbirdWoodcarving BirdsDonna MenkeLink
Carving an Indian BustWoodcarving WesternStu MartinLink
Advance Face CarvingAmerican IndianStu MartinLink
Woodcarving a Bark HouseWoodcarving in BarkJim RedhawkLink
Woodcarving a Mountain ManWoodcarving in BarkJim RedhawkLink
Carving FeathersWoodcarving in BarkJim RedhawkLink
Carving a Basic American Indian FaceWoodcarving in BarkJim RedhawkLink
Carving EyesWoodcarving in BarkJim RedhawkLink
Carving a War BonnetWoodcarving in BarkJim RedhawkLink
Carving an American Indian Woman FaceWoodcarving in BarkJim RedhawkLink
Carving a Female FaceCaricaturePat MooreLink
Woodcarving A Santa Face on a stickHolidayPat MooreLink
Painting A Santa Face on a stickHolidayPat MooreLink
Woodcarving The Tall SantaHolidayPat MooreLink
Painting the Tall SantaHolidayPat MooreLink
Carving HandsRealistic HumanDylan GoodsonLink
Painting the Carved HandsRealistic HumanDylan GoodsonLink
Woodcarving EyesRealistic HumanDylan GoodsonLink
Relief Carving – Pictorial SceneRelief CarvingDylan GoodsonLink
Relief Carving – Basic FlowerRelief CarvingDylan GoodsonLink
Carving Realistic Female MouthRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink
Carving Realistic Female EyeRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink
Chip Carving BasicsChip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Woodcarving the Three Corner ChipChip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Carving the Straight Line ChipChip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Woodcarving an Oval ChipChip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Woodcarving Oval Chip Project 1 Chip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Woodcarving Oval Chip Project 2Chip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Chip Carve a Pinwheel CoasterChip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Chip Carving Boarders (13 varieties)Chip CarvingCarolyn HalbrookLink
Woodcarving a WrenBirdsDonna MenkeLink
Carving Realistic HummingbirdBirdsDonna MenkeLink
Woodcarving a Peeking MouseAnimalsDonna MenkeLink
Carving a Walking StickWoodcarving Spirits & Walking SticksMark GargacLink
Carving WoodspiritsWoodcarving Spirits & Walking SticksMark GargacLink
Woodcarving a Cowboy Bottle StopperBottle StopperMark GargacLink
Carving Santa OrnamentsHoliday OrnamentsMark GargacLink
Carving Elf OrnamentsHoliday OrnamentsMark GargacLink
Woodcarving a Santa OrnamentHoliday OrnamentsKevin ApplegateLink
Woodcarving a Santa Bottle StopperHoliday / Bottle StoppersKevin ApplegateLink
Woodcarving a little FellowCaricature CarvingRyan OlsenLink
Painting a little FellowCaricature CarvingRyan OlsenLink
Woodcarving the little SantaFree LessonsDave StetsonLink
Woodcarving Shorty SantaHoliday / Workshop RecordingsKevin ApplegateLink
Painting the Full Caricature FigureWorkshop RecordingsDave StetsonLink
Woodcarving the little Guy – DemoCaricature CarvingRyan OlsenLink
Woodcarving ArloCaricature CarvingDale GreenLink
Painting ArloCaricature CarvingDale Green Link
Woodcarving the Full Caricature Figure Workshops RecordingsDave StetsonLink
Woodcarving the Ledgee MonstaCaricature CarvingMark AkersLink
Painting the Ledgee MonstaCaricature CarvingMark AkersLink
Woodcarving Cigar Store Indian Western/American IndianStu MartinLink
Woodcarving Santa with Toy ListHolidayStu MartinLink
Woodcarving Iron MikeWorkshop RecordingKevin ApplegateLink
Painting Iron MikeWorkshop RecordingKevin ApplegateLink
Woodcarving Plundrin PeteWorkshop RecordingKevin ApplegateLink
Relief Carving The Building & Hollow TreeRelief WoodcarvingElaine & Fred StenmanLink 
Woodburning DemonstrationWoodburningElaine & Fred StenmanLink 
Painting Demonstration Relief WoodcarvingElaine & Fred StenmanLink 
Woodcarving a Woman’s Face Class​Realistic HumanJanet CordellLink
Woodcarving Fearless Freddie – Workshop RecordingCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink
Woodcarving Red SquirrelCaricature AnimalsJames MillerLink
Whittling a Stylized RoosterCaricature AnimalsJames MillerLink
Painting Fearless FreddieCaricature Animals/PaintingBob HersheyLink
Introduction to Oil PaintingPainting Bob HersheyLink
Woodcarving BoomerCaricature/WorkshopDale Green Link
Painting BoomerCaricature/PaintingDale Green Link
Designing and Carving your own Miniatures Caricature/Workshop Ryan Olsen Link
Relief Carving Cube on Table Relief Woodcarving Randy StonerLink 
Relief Carving Ball on Table Relief Woodcarving Randy StonerLink 
Woodcarving Hobbit Hole Class Relief Woodcarving Dylan Goodson Link
Woodcarving a Grizzly Bear Realistic Animals Janet Cordell Link # Added Dec 22/ Jan23
Woodcarving TexCowboy/Workshop Recording Kevin Applegate Link 
Frankenstein Bottle Stopper Workshop RecordingHoliday/WorkshopKevin ApplegateLink 
Woodcarving Caricature Pirate Caricature/Workshop Dwayne Gosnell Link
Design and execution of Male Caricature Busts Caricature /WorkshopDave Stetson Link
Woodcarving Scottie Caricature Dwayne Gosnell Link 
Woodcarving Santa with no Hat Ornament Holiday/Workshop Kevin Applegate Link
Woodcarving the American Bison Realistic Animal WorkshopJanet Cordell Link 
Woodcarving the Florida River Scene ClassRelief Carving Class recordingDylan Goodson Link 
Woodcarving Chief BigFeather Caricature Class RecordingDwayne Gosnell Link 
Woodcarving Redd the FoxCaricature Animal WorkshopBob HersheyLink  
Woodcarving Hitty Style DollRealistic Human / Doll WorkshopJanet CordellLink  
Woodcarving Brody Caricature Class RecordingDwayne Gosnell Link  
Woodcarving a Mounted WisemanFigures James MillerLink  
Carving Flat Plane Style Caricatures Caricatures/Workshop RecordingRyan OlsenLink  
Carving a caricature HeadCaricatureMitchell CartledgeLink  
Woodcarving a Folded Arms FigureCaricatures/Workshop RecordingDave StetsonLink  
Woodcarving DesperadosCaricatureTom WolfeLink
Woodcarving Count Vamp workshopCaricatures/Workshop RecordingDwayne GosnellLink
Penknife CarvingCaricatureTom WolfeLink
Tom Wolf Goes to the DogsCaricatureTom WolfeLink
Woodcarving the Dancing FiddlerCaricatures/Workshop RecordingDave StetsonLink
Carving small caricature hillbillyCaricatureMitchell CartledgeLink  
Woodcarving a Barrel of Fun – Part OneCaricatures/Workshop RecordingRyan OlsenLink  
Woodcarving a Barrel of Fun – Part TwoCaricatures/Workshop RecordingRyan OlsenLink # NEW March/April 2023 #
Woodcarving Ronnie & Ruthie the Chain Pull FrogsCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink  # Added Sep/Oct 2022 #
Woodcarving a Big Horn SheepRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink # Added Oct/Nov 2022
Woodcarving JinglesHoliday CaricatureDwayne GosnellLink  # Added Oct 2022 #
Woodcarving Frankenstein’s BrideCaricatures/Workshop RecordingKevin Applegate Link  # Added Oct/Nov 2022 #
Woodcarving Female HeadsCaricatures/Workshop RecordingDave StetsonLink # Added Nov/Dec 2022 #
Carving Figures in ReliefRelief CarvingDylan GoodsonLink ## Dec 2022-Jan 2023 ##
Woodcarving Papa Noel – Santa with LampHoliday/Caricature//WorkshopDwayne GosnellLink # Added Dec 2022 #
Woodcarving MeltonCaricatureDwayne GosnellLink # Added Dec 2022 #
Painting with Tom WolfeCaricature PaintingTom WolfeLink #Added Jan 2023 #
Woodcarving LouisaMae the Easter BunnyCaricature Animals/HolidayBob HersheyLink #Added Jan 2023 #
Woodcarving a Comfort BirdAnimalsPat MooreLink #Added Feb 2023 #
Woodcarving an Eye StickCaricature Pat MooreLink #Added Feb 2023 #
Caricatures Facial Planes StudyCaricature/WorkshopDave StetsonLink #Added Feb/Mar 2023 #
Building Deck & Porches for your cabinBark CarvingJim Redhawk Link #Added Feb 2023 #
Woodcarving a Female BustRealistic HumanJanet CordellLink #Added Feb 2023 #
Woodcarving Greasy RiderCaricatureDwayne GosnellLink # Added April 2023 #
Woodcarving Uncle SamCaricature/HolidaysDave StetsonLink # Added May/June 2023 #
Woodcarving HalfbackCaricatureDwayne GosnellLink # Added May 2023 #
Woodcarving the Mini DonkeyAnimalsMaddy KloeberLink # Added May 2023 #
Woodcarving WoodyBark CarvingRich WetherbeeLink # Added June 2023 #
Woodcarving and Painting Woody CaricaturesRich WetherbeeLink
Woodcarving Bears & Bunnies (Cub)AnimalsTom WolfeLink ## Added June 2023 #
Woodcarving Byron BeaverCaricature AnimalsDwayne GosnellLink ## Added June 2023 #
Woodcarving a Drinking ElephantAnimalsMaddy KloeberLink ## Added June 2023 #
Woodcarving a Seated ManCaricature/WorkshopsDave StetsonLink # Added July/Aug 2023 #
Woodcarving Caricature DogsCaricature Animals / WorkshopsDale GreenLink # Added Aug 2023 #
Woodcarving a Horse on RocksRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink # Added Aug 2023 #
Woodcarving Butterflies and bag lady & her Gentleman Friend Caricature/WorkshopsDave StetsonLink # Added Aug/Sep 2023 #
Woodcarving Flat Plane – 2023 WorkshopCaricature/WorkshopsRyan OlsenLink # Added Aug/Sep 2023 #
Woodcarving Rudy the Santa RaccoonCaricature Animals/HolidayBob HersheyLink # Added Sep 2023 #
Woodcarving Namesake SantaCaricature/HolidayDwayne GosnellLink # Added Sep 2023 #
Woodcarving Santa 2021 WorkshopCaricature/HolidayDave StetsonLink # Oct/Nov 2023 #
Carving Big FeetCaricature Dwayne GosnellLink # October 2023 #
Woodcarving OlenCaricature Dwayne GosnellLink # Added Oct 2023 #
Woodcarving Full Figure Female Realistic HumanJanet CordellLink # Nov/Dec 2023 #
Woodcarving Fabulous PhoebeCaricature AnimalsBob HersheyLink # Added Jan 2024 #
Woodcarving Chief Say WhatCaricature Dwayne GosnellLink # Added Oct 2023 #
Woodcarving a cowboyCaricatureDave StetsonLink # Added Feb 2024 #
Woodcarving Witch HazelCaricatureDale Green Link # Added Feb 2024 #
Woodcarving Realistic WolfRealistic AnimalsJanet CordellLink # Added Feb 2024 #
Woodcarving LoboCaricatureDwayne GosnellLink # Added Feb 2024 #
Carving an Old FaceRealistic HumansJanet CordellLink # Added Mar 2024 #
Woodcarving a Seated ReaderCaricature HumanDave StetsonLink # Added Mar/Apr 2024 #
Woodcarving YourChoiceCaricature HumanDwayne GosnellLink # Added Mar 2024 #